Miles Litvinoff

Writer and Editor for NGOs, Non-Profits & Values-Based Organisations

Civil society
Climate justice
Corporate responsibility
Equality & diversity
Extractive industries
Human rights
Impact investment
International development
Open government
Social enterprise
Transparency & accountability


I have led and participated in, and supported with writing, editing and research, awareness-raising, advocacy and campaigns on environmental sustainability, human-rights-based international development, transparency and accountability, peacebuilding and conflict transformation for 30 years. I work only for organisations and on projects whose underlying values I support. My watchword is ‘Do no harm.’

Diversity & equity

Anti-racism, anti-sexism and promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion are central values in all areas of my work. I strive to treat all people respectfully and without discrimination as regards ability/disability, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, marital status, national origins, religion or beliefs. 

Environment & sustainability

I travel by foot, bicycle and standard-class public transport wherever possible, find online meetings and electronic conferencing often a highly workable alternative to travel-intensive face-to-face meetings, and follow the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ principle of waste minimisation. 

Ethical sourcing

Wherever possible I obtain supplies from known ethical sources. 

Evaluation & learning

On completion of projects, I offer clients an opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of my work and their level of satisfaction.

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