Miles Litvinoff

Writer and Editor for NGOs, Non-Profits & Values-Based Organisations

Civil society
Climate justice
Corporate responsibility
Equality & diversity
Extractive industries
Human rights
Impact investment
International development
Open government
Social enterprise
Transparency & accountability

Recent work

Below is a selection of the publications I have contributed to as writer or editor in recent months. 

Text editor, Regaining momentum: critical negotiations for LDCs at COP28, by Anna Schulz and Madeleine Diouf Sarr, IIED, November 2023.

Text editor, Stranded: Why Shell is unable to navigate the just transition trilemma, by Rodrigo Fernandez, Tobias J. Klinge, Nicolás Hernan Zeolla, Rodrigo Contreras Ramírez and Laura Deruytter, SOMO, August 2023.


Text editor, Gender-Just Transitions – An Overview: Why economic transitions can only be just if we apply a gender equality lens, by Simon Anderson, Anna Carthy, May Thazin Aung and Tracy C. Kajumba (IIED)GIZ, August 2023.

Gender-Just Transitions

Writer, Annual Report 2022: Making Water CountAqua for All, May 2023.                             

Aqua for All

Earlier work

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