Well-informed and effective communications are essential to bring about lasting change.

I work with UK and international NGOs and other non-profit organisations to inform and influence opinion leaders, policy makers, grant givers, peer organisations, supporters and the general public.

Writing, editing and research – all written communications and publications – and project management:  

  • Advocacy & policy briefings  
  • Grant applications 
  • Annual reports  
  • Interviews
  • Articles & features
  • Press releases & newsletters
  • Books 
  • Project plans & proposals  
  • Campaign materials      
  • Research reports
  • Case studies & human interest stories               
  • Strategic plans 
  • Educational materials                                         
  • Web content & social media  

My work draws on more than 25 years' successful UK and international experience as an independent writer/editor/researcher, NGO/non-profit manager and consultant.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.