Miles Litvinoff

Writer and Editor for NGOs, Non-Profits & Values-Based Organisations

Civil society
Climate justice
Corporate responsibility
Equality & diversity
Extractive industries
Human rights
Impact investment
International development
Open government
Social enterprise
Transparency & accountability

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Well-informed and effective communications are essential to bring about lasting change.

I work with UK and international NGOs, non-profits and other values-based organisations to inform and influence opinion leaders, policy makers, grant givers, peer organisations, supporters, clients and the general public.

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My main client services are writing, editing and research for all written publications and communications:  

  • Advocacy & policy briefings 
  • Annual reports  
  • Articles & features
  • Books 
  • Campaign materials      
  • Case studies & human interest stories
  • Educational materials
  • Grant applications and donor reports 
  • Interviews
  • Press releases & newsletters
  • Project plans & proposals  
  • Research reports
  • Strategic plans 
  • Web content & social media

My approach is attentive, flexible and client centred. My work benefits from more than 30 years’ successful UK and international experience as an independent writer, editor and researcher, NGO/non-profit manager and consultant.

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